Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Steve and I were honored last night at the capital building as "Unsung Heroes".  We took Stevie as our camera person.  It's typically a family event but it's a busy time of year for the kids with their sports.  
 It was a crowded event...28 people were being honored.
 Do you see the man to my left holding his little girl?  He lost his wife recently to a long battle of breast cancer.  He's now raising his five children while maintaining his self-run business.  It was a touching story.

Steve snapped a quick picture on his way up.  Hopefully we'll get the professional copy soon.

 The Governor had all the recipients stand.
 Maureen, our wish granter from Ben's Make-A-Wish was there to support us.  We LOVE our wish granters!!!
 This was the view up front with the Governor.
 As soon as we received our award, we had to FLY out of there to make it back in time for Bubby's game.  It was parent appreciation night and all the players give their parents flowers to thank them for their support. 


  1. What an honor! You guys are great parents!

  2. What a wonderful recognition to the both of you and so many others in the state. You are both very blessed. And congratulations on the adoption of Joseph. YEA! Love to your family from the Moe's.

  3. Congratulations on your award which you both deserve so much. Both Brady and Jo are very fortunate to have you for their parents and their loving children. You have a very busy household!