Wednesday, June 19, 2013


 It was my pleasure to spend the day with this lady.  We were up early to beautify her, although she didn't need much help in that area.  She's beautiful all by herself!
We had a bit of a 'dress emergency' the night before as the dress we bought for this day she had worn once to a church event and got something on it so she washed it the night before and it SHRUNK!  She panicked.  Have no fear I told her...we'll go pick out a new dress.  I liked this one much better anyway!
 I think she wore it well.
 The kids had to be there a little before graduation to take a class picture so I stuck around for some candid shots.
 I love her.
 She's made some fun friends along the way.
 Class of 2017
 The kids walked in 'awkward' pairs through the entrance before taking their seat.
 Stevie before receiving her certificate
 Shaking hands with the principal
 (she's smiling because she made it across the stage without falling)
 The girls wanted one last picture of their 'lunch table'
 They're a cute bunch
 Then some candid shots with friends
 And of course I needed just one
 She's a fun girl to shoot...always happy and excited
 This group was her 'performing arts' group.  They're a talented bunch.
 (Never short on faces)
 Some of these girls will be going to private school next year and so there were some tears

 And then we went out to lunch.  It's a tradition after graduation.
I took her along with a bunch of friends (and mom's) to her favorite restaurant.
I'm grateful that my daughter is surrounded by good friends.
 (and that they put up with her goofy ways) :)
Next up?  HIGH SCHOOL!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


June 1st, I brought Jo into the ER because he had been throwing up for two days and had been suffering with diarrhea for over a month.
 Thankfully my favorite ER nurse was working and was able to get an IV into him on the first try.  That doesn't happen very often.
 We spent a LONG night in the ER and then he was finally transferred up to Dartmouth by ambulance.  We arrived at 4am Sunday morning.
 Thank goodness for helping hands.  I didn't have to worry about THIS busy boy while I was in the hospital with Jo.  He was well taken care of by Kara and made a few trips up to see us.
 She even brought Stevie.
 We spent a total of five days on the pediatric floor trying to find the cause of his chronic diarrhea, but all of the tests came back pretty normal.  Even though he wasn't feeling too great, he was such a happy boy!
 Whenever Brady would come to visit...we would make the most of our visit.
 He and I have a lot of fun together.
 We had lots of secrets to catch up on!
 And a visiting with Jo was just what he needed to feel better.
 I love the way that this little boy can smile through hard things.  He's my hero!
 While we were away, Kara made sure to spoil my older kids as well.
She took them out to eat and to fun places.
 The last day we were there, the doctor's did a scope and biopsy to see if we could get some answers that way.
 Jo did really well during the procedure and we were finally able to go home later that night.
(The biopsies ended up being mostly normal aside from 'inactive inflammation of the bowels'.  He will have a repeat scope in 6 months and in the meantime they have him on Immodium AD.)

Saturday, June 1, 2013


...But only a day.  I had the opportunity to slip away to my parents home Friday night so that I could help my mom in her gardens.  It's always a treat to spend time with her, especially doing something that she LOVES to do.  The next morning I needed to be at the temple early, but before I left I made sure to stop by to see Benny and all the beautiful flowers my mom has planted.

 As much as I love my family, sometimes it's nice to have a day to myself.  Especially when I can spend it with my parents AND at the temple.  I made sure to stop at my favorite fast food place on the way home for some burger and fries.  Shhhh...just don't tell my kids! :)