Tuesday, February 12, 2013


 When you have older kids, sometimes the fall back FHE activities just won't do.  Leave it to Steve...he usually comes up with some doozies.  Last night was one of those nights.  We couldn't decided on an activity so he threw out "Barefoot Trampoline Jumping in the Snow".  Sure...why not?  It was a timed event, to see who could last the longest.  He made everyone start at our side door and RUN BAREFOOT to the trampoline, get on, jump and then when you couldn't stand it anymore...run back to the house.  It's insanity!
Here was the untouched trampoline.
Stevie was the first one to go...brave girl.
 She lasted a whole 9 seconds.
Kayla was the master.
She was out there the longest.
 A whopping 41 seconds!
 Bubby came in second with 28 seconds.
 He makes me LAUGH!
 I was the wimpiest of all with a total of 5 seconds.  
And I'm okay with that.

 (it was a LONG run back)
Steve was last to go and came in third with a 23 second time.

Total insanity.


  1. You should have one of those disclaimers: Do not try at home! You guys are hysterical! We need Uncle Steve ideas over here!

  2. Send that into the Ensign. You guys are nuts up there in Cow Hampshire.

  3. oh so funny, you guys have such a great time.

  4. Nothing you do ever surprises me--especially Steve's ideas. I'll bet there were lots of frozen tootsies which were warmed up by the pellet stove. You were all very brave, especially Bubby. Reminds me of your parents sitting by the pool in bathing suits in the middle of winter two years ago--wowza!!

  5. See, this is why I need more Esteban in my life. And why did Bubby strip down to his boxers?!?