Sunday, December 30, 2012


I keep thinking her illness will get better from here.  Last night I was at the kid's high school basketball tournament.  I left Stevie at home with a friend who came to stay with her so I could go to the games.  When I arrived home a few hours later her face and throat area were noticeably swollen and she had hives all over.  Her temperature was above 102 and she was just plain miserable so I took her back to the ER.
 The ER put an IV back in and loaded her with fluids, steroids and pain meds.
 Five hours later we were back out the door, heading home.
Unlucky for Stevie, she has a more severe case of mono than usual.  I'm just hoping it doesn't keep her down for too long.


  1. Poor thing, we are sure praying she starts to feel better.

  2. I really am sad! Get better sweet girl!

  3. So sad to see Stevie so sick. She is so full of life all the time and I am sure it is hard for her to be sick and in bed. Hope she gets better soon. Sending all my love. Aunt Shirley